Under the final settlement, the couple will sell the former family home on Peninsula Road in Belvedere and divide the proceeds. The home is valued at about $5 million. A vacation condo in Laguna Beach, valued at about $6 million, will also be sold, and the proceeds divided. The couple will sell their membership at the Shady Canyon Golf Club in Irvine and divide the proceeds. The membership came with an acquisition cost of $260,000, according to a court filing. The couple will continue to maintain their memberships at the San Francisco Yacht Club, the Tiburon Peninsula Club and the Meadow Club, but not renew their membership at the Stanford Golf Club. They will each receive $750,000 from a shared investment account, while keeping $2 million in it for tuition and other expenses for their children. They will fund a $2 million trust fund for the children, whose ages range from 9 to 14.

Ex-Yahoo president and husband agree to split millions in final divorce settlement - Inside Bay Area

Wondering what percentage of their assets and time these folks give to helping the less fortunate. Some of those memberships would pay lots of school fees.